I need to pay a customs fee to receive my gift. What should I do?


If a gift is shipped internationally through a courier, there is a chance that the giftee will have to pay a fee to receive it. We recommend that the Santa not use a courier to ship their gift. However, if you do find yourself owing a fee, it will be up to you to decide whether or not you would like to pay it. If you decide to not pay it, you can report no gift when that time comes and opt into rematching if you would like, though there is no guarantee you will be able to be rematched. . Your Santa will not be penalized if they can provide acceptable shipping proof. 

If you would like to try to get in touch with your Santa about this situation, you can leave them a message in the "Notes to Help Your Santa" section of your exchange profile. They will be sent a notification that there has been a change and will hopefully read it and contact you. Maybe the two of you can work something out. 

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