What are Elves?


Reddit Gifts Elves are the most elite of all Reddit Gifts participants and help the tradition of gift giving and happiness grow and spread across the world.

Oh, and they are also the ones who enjoy some seriously sweet benefits.

Elves is the premium membership to Reddit Gifts, much like Reddit's gold program. By joining, you can  be matched only to other Elves, test out exciting new features before everyone else, participate in exclusive "Elf only" exchanges and more. You'll also get the warm fuzzy feeling in your heart of knowing you're making it possible for Reddit Gifts to keep doing what we do and keep exchange participation free and open to everyone.

You can go here to read more about Elves membership benefits and to purchase Elves.

Please note that matching as an Elf does not guarantee a gift, nor does it guarantee a "better" or more expensive gift. The recommended amount to spend is still $20 and the goal is always to send a thoughtful gift. 



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