I don't like the gift I received. What do I do?


We always want everyone to love the gift the received, but the reality is, that's not always the case. It's understandably disappointing when we get a gift that we don't really like. Sometimes, just like with people you know personally, the gifter misses the mark.

What you should do if you don't like your gift is make a polite post in the gallery. You don't have to lie and say how much you love the gift. But if someone gave you a gift in person that you didn't like, you would presumably say "Thank you" and not go on about how much you hate it or how disappointed you are. Redditgifts has that same expectation. A simple "Thank you for the gift" will be just fine.

When you post your gift, you'll have the opportunity to give it a rating. All ratings of a 4 or lower will allow you to leave comments as to why you rated it the way that you did. All ratings of a 4 or lower will also be flagged for review by the admins who will review the situation. Santas who do not participate in the spirit of Redditgifts can be banned from all future exchanges.

Rude gallery posts will result in the giftee being banned from all future exchanges.

If you received something harmful, illegal, malicious, offensive, NSFW or unsanitary, please contact us  using the support form here and include pictures of what you received and pictures of the packaging it came in with any return address or postmark visible.



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