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The Exchange Management Page:


You must be logged in to manage your exchanges.

This is where you manage your exchanges, see your credit breakdown, and view all of the past and ongoing exchanges. From here you can choose an exchange, change your likes and dislikes, update your shipping or tier preference (before matching), share your gifts in our gallery, or make any other necessary reports required to complete an exchange.


Editing Your Profile: 


You must be logged in to update your profile.

This is where you can update your public bio, profile photo, change your shipping address, update your username, update your email address, change your password, or change your wishlists and social media information. Only the public bio and your profile photo are visible to users who are not your Santa. Your wishlist, social media information, and shipping address are all for your Santa's eyes only. 


Our Gift Gallery: 


This is our gallery. You can view the gifts shared by other members of the Reddit Gifts community here. If you are a Reddit Gifts Elf, you can also give awards here to your favorite Santas and giftees. You can read more about Elves by clicking here.  


The redditgifts Community:


This is the Reddit Gifts community, where you can see posts from other community members, search for and find common questions and answers, and contact the moderators if you have a question that you are having a difficult time finding an answer to.


Contacting Us:


This is our contact form. This is  for when you have a question that is specific to your account and you are unable to find an answer in the faq, subreddit, or by messaging the moderators of /r/SecretSanta via this link while logged in to your associated Reddit account.





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