My Santa never marked shipped. What do I need to do to be rematched?


If it is before the shipping deadline, please continue to be patient. Typically, less than half of people will ship their gift before the deadline.  The majority of people will ship their gift on the deadline day and in the few days following.

If it is after the shipping deadline, you don't need to do anything. We know that your Santa did not ship and we will attempt to rematch you based on the number of volunteers available.

Around two weeks after the shipping deadline for domestic and around twenty days after the shipping deadline for international, you will need to come back and click the "Report No Gift" button on the exchange status page. You can also opt in as a rematch recipient when reporting no gift, in case you haven't already been rematched at this time. If it's been less than two weeks, please be patient. You will receive a final notice email when you can mark the gift not received.


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