What are tiered (or Plus) exchanges?


In tiered (or Plus) exchanges, participants have the option to spend more than one credit to be matched with other participants who are also willing and able to invest more credits in the exchange. If you choose to do a tiered (or Plus) exchange, you will be matched with someone who has at least that number of credits to use on an exchange. The theory behind the tiered (or Plus) exchanges is that someone who has previously completed exchanges will be likely to continue to do so.

A tiered (or Plus) exchange is not a guarantee of a gift and it is not a guarantee of a "better" or more expensive gift. The recommended amount to spend is still $20 and the goal is to send a thoughtful gift.

On matching day, first taking your shipping preference into account, we will then match with you with someone in your credit tier. If we are unable to honor your shipping preference in your chosen tier, you will be moved to the next highest tier of participation until we are able to match you successfully.

Elves is the Premium version of Redditgifts.  You can read more about Elf memberships here. Elf matching is available in all exchanges but you can not choose both Elf matching and a multiple credit tier. You may only opt in to one or the other. 

Upon successfully completing the exchange, you will receive back all of the credits you used to buy into the exchange, plus one additional credit regardless of matching tier. 

For example, if you did a Plus exchange that required three credits, you would get back those three credits upon completion of the exchange plus one additional credit. 

Please note that matching in a higher tier or matching as an Elf does not guarantee a gift, nor does it guarantee a "better" or more expensive gift. 

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