Why haven't I gotten my exchange credit or trophy yet?


Your trophy will be awarded and exchange credit will be returned to you once you mark your gift shipped, you post the gift from your Santa, and your giftee posts their gift. While logged in toReddit Gifts, if you go to your exchanges page linked here, you will see the exchange listed under Ongoing Exchanges and can click on the exchange to review what steps are still needed for the exchange to be completed. This information can be found at the bottom of the exchange page. You can also view your current credit breakdown by clicking here.

If there is a delay in delivery of your gift to your giftee, proof of shipping can be submitted from the exchange page to expedite the process of being credited for the exchange.

There will be a cutoff date by which all people whose giftees do not post the gift they received will receive their credit back and the exchange will self complete. Please allow 24 hours for exchange trophies to appear on your Reddit Gifts profile after completing an exchange.


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