How do I prove that I’ve shipped my gift?


Please see this post for information on what is considered proof of shipping.

Proving that you have shipped your gift is not a requirement of completing the exchange and is only required if a no gift report is made. However, you should always retain proof of shipping until your recipient has confirmed receiving the gift. Submitting proof of shipping is very helpful when there are shipping delays, long delivery times, or an unexpected problem with your recipient receiving their gift.

While logged in, go to your manage exchanges page located here:

  1. Click the ongoing exchange you are managing.
  2. Click on the "Shipping Proof" button.
  3. Upload and submit an image file that can verify you shipped your gift.

Acceptable forms of shipping proofs are covered extensively in this post. They include postal receipts with recipient postal code visible, stamped customs forms, screenshots of shipping confirmation emails that include the recipient information, and photos of the addressed gift package with postage paid.

Order numbers, order confirmations, "click and ship" labels in pre-shipment status, and photos of items without shipping information will not be accepted. If there is no recipient information or the item has not shipped yet, we will reject your shipping proof.

You will receive an email from us when your shipping proof has been reviewed by an admin and has been accepted.

Please note that any tracking information submitted when you marked your gift shipped is for the benefit of your giftee and is not the same as submitting proof of shipping. Submitting proof of shipping does not replace marking your gift shipped. You must always mark your gift shipped to complete the exchange.


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