Can I contact my giftee while remaining anonymous?


You definitely can! Contacting your giftee is not required, but if you want to ask them something, you can do so directly from the Retrieve Match page. While logged in, please go to Manage Exchanges, click on the exchange, then click on “retrieve match.” Once  there, you can use the “send message” button that allows you to you send an anonymous message to your giftee. They’ll be able to see that it is from their Santa in the exchange but no other details.

When you send a message, your giftee will get an email letting them know and you will get an email letting you know when they reply. If there is an unread message in your inbox, you should also see that the little envelope in the upper right hand of will be orangered instead of grey. If your recipient does not respond to your message, please use your best judgment with the information they have provided under the questions and answers section of the retrieve match page.


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