I don’t like my giftee. Can I get a new one?


No. Who you are matched with is who you are matched with. Many amazing Redditgifts members may not be someone you would normally interact with or they may have new Reddit accounts or very little Reddit posting histories. Please keep in mind that you chose to give a gift for the sake of gift giving only and your gift may enlighten someone else’s life.

If you find that your giftee is difficult to choose a gift for and has minimal online presence, please use the information they have provided in their likes and dislikes. You might also try messaging them on Redditgifts with some friendly questions. If they do not respond to messages, do your best with what you have.

Sending a gift that is not in the spirit of the exchange can lead to your account no longer being eligible for participation. If you do not send a gift at all, you will be banned from all future exchanges. 


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