How are we matched up?


On matching day, our system will randomly match you with another redditor. You are not matched to each other.

E.g. ilovecats may send to ilovedogs who may send to ihatecats who may send to I hatedogs who may send to ilovecats. Aside from considering shipping, elf, and tier preferences, it’s completely random.

The system first considers your options for shipping preference and then your preference for tiers or Elf matching. If their are no other participants in your tier who match your shipping preference, you will be put into the next highest tier, where we will attempt to find someone matching your shipping preference. If there are no other elves available that meet your shipping preferences, you will not be matched with another Elf.

In some instances, like if you are in a country with very few participants, there is the possibility that you and your giftee can be matched in a pair.

For information on tiered matching, please click here.

For information on what Elf matching is, please click here.

Please note that Elf status must still be valid on the day of matching for our system to match you with another Elf.

You are not provided with information on your Santa, only your giftee.


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