How do I send a gift through the mail?


Please check with your local postal service for specifics, but general best practices are:

  • Do not wrap the outside of the package. You can wrap what's inside, but not the shipping box. Feel free to draw on the box if you'd like to make it fun, though! 
  • Ensure the destination address is clear. Don't forget, you can print a shipping label from the Retrieve Match page.
  • It is a good idea to put a return address on the package that you're sending so if there is a problem with delivering the package, it will be able to be returned to you if there is an issue with delivery.
  • We strongly suggest getting a tracking number or some other form of delivery confirmation.
  • Be sure to keep a copy of your receipt, just in case.
  • Proof is only necessary if a giftee reports no gift, but it is a good idea to upload it at the time that you mark your gift as shipped so that you're covered on this end in the event your giftee has to report no gift.
  • Please see this post for additional helpful shipping tips. 


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