Why do I have -1 credits?


When you have spent all of your credits to participate in ongoing exchanges, you may temporarily have 0 credits.

There are other situations where you may find that all of your previously earned credits have been rolled back and you have -1 credits. This occurs when you have not completed an exchange by the time it is closed out on this end. If this is the case, please log in to Reddit Gifts and check your credit breakdown from the Manage Exchanges page to see which exchange may not be completed. Your account will show -1 credits when:

  • You were rematched and did not confirm ‘no gift’ from your original santa. Please go into the exchange and confirm ‘no gift’, you should get your credits back in a few minutes. It doesn’t hurt to try this even if you are sure you did confirm ‘no gift’ before.
  • You did not post a gift you received. Please post the gift, you will be able to do so any time.
  • Your giftee confirmed not getting a gift from you. Please upload proof of shipping.
  • Your giftee confirmed not getting a gift from you and you are not able to show sufficient shipment proof. Please ship another gift, or if it has been so long that the address has been redacted, please message your giftee and ask them for their contact information so that you can send them a gift. If you don't hear back from them in a couple of weeks  or they decline your offer, let us know by contacting us through the support form and we will take it from there. If they do give you their information, please send them a gift and submit proof of shipping at that time. 

Please make sure you have followed all of the necessary steps to complete the exchange, including marking your gift shipped and posting your gift in the gallery or reporting no gift if you do not receive one. Even if you were rematched and posted a gift from your rematch Santa, you will still need to report no gift for the original exchange if something went wrong.

Please note that the gift status information page may show everything as completed after a certain date. Be sure to use the credit breakdown page to see what is and is not actually completed.

If you still need help, please contact us using the support form here.


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