What do I need to do to complete an exchange and get my credits back?


In order to receive full credits for an exchange:

  1. You must ship your gift and mark your gift shipped.
  2. You must post the gift you received in the gallery OR report no gift when that time comes.
  3. Your giftee will need to post the gift you sent in the gallery OR if they end up having to report no gift, you will need to submit proof of shipping that is accepted by the admins.

If your giftee does not post their gift and does not make a no gift report, you will get your credits back when we close the exchange on this end and they will be banned from all future exchanges.

Once all three steps are complete, you will receive back the credit(s) that you used to do the exchange plus one additional credit. Upon completion of step 2 or 3, you will get ONE credit back. Not completing all steps within a reasonable period of time will lead to all credits being revoked


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