How do I mark my gift as received?


This is what your Santa has been waiting for! Please check out this link for tips on being an awesome giftee.

While logged in, go to your exchanges page linked here:

  1. Click the ongoing exchange you are managing.
  2. Click on the "Thank Your Santa" button.
  3. Add a title and as much info you want. Photos are encouraged and you should always be polite and say thank you!
  4. Rate your gift. (let us know of any problems in the rating comments - never in your gift post)
  5. Click on the "Post Gift to the Gallery" button at the bottom.

If you are posing a received rematch gift, please use the "Thank Your Rematch Santa" button.

Your Santa will get an email with a link to your gallery post, letting them know you received the gift they sent you. 


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