What does the list at the bottom of the exchange status page mean?


The Gift Exchange Status information is a list of steps that must be completed throughout the course of the exchange. Once a step has been successfully completed, our system will cross that step off of the list. On the desktop site on the bottom right you will see what steps you have left to complete the exchange. The list on the bottom left will show what steps your Santa has completed, including the date that your Santa last reviewed your shipping information and likes/dislikes. If you are using mobile, you can scroll down to see these status boxes. 

Any shipment information provided by your Santa is shown in the upper right of the exchange page under the exchange title. If your Santa has confirmed shipping but did not provide details of this shipment for you, no information will be provided. Tracking numbers are not required and not everything comes with tracking, so it isn't a red flag if there is no tracking information. Please also keep in mind that some people will pull their giftee's information once and then copy it down somewhere so they don't have to keep going back to the page. 

Because proof of shipping is optional, this will automatically cross out once your recipient posts their gift in the gallery. If you prove shipping a gift after marking your gift shipped, this will also cross out the steps and complete the sending portion of the exchange even if your recipient has not posted their gift yet.

In the unhappy event that you do not receive a gift from your Santa and have to report no gift, you may notice that everything has been crossed off of your Santa's list even though you have not completed some of the steps. This happens because you have done everything you need to do as the receiver. Your Santa will still be required to prove shipping or they will be banned. You can always come back and thank your Santa if your Santa shipped late or delivery of your gift was delayed. If you don't see the exchange under "Current Exchanges", please look under "My Past Exchanges".

Zero credit exchanges are sometimes handled differently and may auto complete after a certain date.



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