I’ve been matched. Now what?


It’s time to retrieve your match from the exchange page so you can do some non-creepy stalking and find them the perfect gift! On the Retrieve Match page for the exchange, you’ll see your giftee’s likes, dislikes, and any exchange related questions they have chosen to answer. A button for anonymously messaging your giftee and any social media links they have chosen to share will be found on the very bottom of the page. These are alongside links to their reddit account and Reddit Gifts profile page and any wishlist they have shared. Any greyed out buttons have not been shared by your giftee. You have all the information they have chosen to give you, so use it. But seriously, do not be creepy about it.

Some of our favorite reddit-related tools to help are:

Once you have shipped your gift, please make sure you let us know you’ve shipped your gift by marking your gift shipped on the exchange page. Failing to mark your gift shipped will result in you not being credited for the exchange and can prevent you from participating in future exchanges.


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