How do I change my shipping or matching preference?


This can only be done before sign ups close.

While logged in, go to your Exchanges page found here:

  1. Click on the exchange you would like to update your preference for.
  2. Click on the "Exchange Preferences" button.
  3. Update your shipping preference or matching preference and click "Update My Info" at the bottom of the page.

You can opt in or out of international shipping, but it is a preference and not a guarantee. 

If there are tier options, you can change your tier preference and if you are an Elf, you can opt in to Elf matching for the exchange. However, the matching process always takes your shipping preference into consideration first when matching you with other participants.

Please note that Elf status must still be valid on the day of matching for our system to match you with another Elf. Matching in a higher tier or matching as an Elf does not guarantee a better gift. 




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