Are we required to ship internationally?


You are not required to ship internationally and the default shipping option is domestic. You need to specifically opt into international shipping. If this is your first time participating, you are limited to domestic shipping only unless you have an Elf membership. For more information on purchasing an Elves membership, please click here.

Please note that this is a preference, not a guarantee. Please see this article for more on shipping preferences.

If there are not enough people signed up in your country, you may get matched internationally, despite your preference. Likewise, if you opted-in to international shipping, you may be matched domestically.

Please see this helpful post for some international shipping advice.

We do allow users to purchase a gift from an online vendor and have it shipped directly to their giftee, so please be aware that signing up for an international exchange does not guarantee you will receive a gift from another country, even if you are matched internationally.


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